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Our participation in the Halloween Parade has been canceled due to Covid-19.

Beginning Band Information Click On The Links Below To View The PDF Document

Parent Letter if you missed the informational meeting click here
Important information that was handed out at the band parent meeting click here
Recommended band instrument brands for rent or purchase click here

Need to rent or purchase an instrument.  Check out the following music stores

Voigt Music Center

34 South Main Street

Janesville, Wisconsin

Phone #608-756-0081


Guzzardo Performance Music

3010 Charles Street

Rockford, IL 

Phone #815-229-5020


Why Music Matters by Jack Stamp (4.17mb)

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  • Jack Stamp
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Top Ten List for Supportive Parents (Click Here) PDF File of the Top Ten List 

Practice Tips for Success Click Here for the PDF file 

The 7th and 8th Grade Band earned a Gold (Superior) rating at the Performing Arts Consultants Music Festival in Round Lake, IL. The 7th and 8th grade concert band earned 98 points out of a possible 100 points. Congratulations on an outstanding performance.

Percussionists check out this very cool website. At www.freedrumlessons.com you will find video drum lessons as well as music for the drumset. You will also learn about the rudiments and how to apply them to the drumset.

Check out this very cool music theory website at www.musictheory.net

6th Grade Band meets on "A" Days. Tuesday and Thursday are the "A" days for the week of August 19th.

The 7th grade band meets on "A" Days. Tuesday and Thursday are the "A" Days for the week of August 19th.

Remember band students fill out your practice record and have your parents sign it at the end of the week.  All band students should be practicing 20-30 minutes per day.

The video below is our band recruiting video. The video shows the importance of music for a well rounded education.

Why Music Should Be Taught In Our Schools

1. Ninety-five (95) percent of people responding to a 2000 Gallup Poll believe that music is part of a well-rounded education.
-Gallup Poll Shows Strong Support for Putting Music in Every School's Curriculum, Giles Communications, 2000.

2. Taking a music elective course is a better indicator that a student will stay in college than high SAT scores or high GPA.
-Dr. Denise C. Gardner, Effect of Music Courses On Retention, Georgia Tech, 2000.

3. In a 2000 Gallup Poll, seventy-five (75) percent of respondents believe learning a musical instrument helps students do better in other subjects, such as math and science.
-Gallup Poll Shows Strong Support for Putting Music in Every School's Curriculum, Giles Communications, 2000.

4. A ten-year study indicates that students who study music achieve higher test scores, regardless of socioeconomic background.
-Dr. James Catterall, UCLA.

5. A 1997 study of elementary students in an arts-based program concluded that students' math test scores rose as their time in arts education classes increased.
-"Arts Exposure and Class Performance," Phi Delta Kappan, October, 1998.

6. College admissions officers continue to cite participation in music as an important factor in making admissions decisions.  They claim that music participation demonstrates time management, creativity, expression, and open-mindedness.
-Carl Hartman, "Arts May Improve Students' Grades," The Associated Press, October, 1999.